Best Air Fryer Under $100

13 Best Air Fryer Under $100 For Your Kitchen- Review | A Brief Guidance Before You Buy

Although deep-fried food is wonderful, it is not a nutritious alternative for a snack or lunch. Since deep frying includes putting your foods in oil, it can increase the cholesterol and fat content of any dish.

Fortunately, there is a healthy method to achieve that crunchy deep-fried taste. All you’ll require is an air fryer to get started. It can make anything crunchy and delightful, from chicken wings to French fries, and it does so with nothing more than warm air.

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Currently, you have come to the right place if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100. This guide will provide you with in-depth knowledge before buying an air fryer.

What Is An Air Fryer?

It’s kitchen equipment that circulates warm air surrounding food to bake, roast, grill, and fries it. It cooks meals using hot air rather than oil, making it an extremely healthy gadget to buy.

You can have your beloved crunchy, fried cuisine with the exact tastes without putting your wellness at risk. So look after everybody else without shouting “no” to those frying food, and don’t neglect your own fitness.

It is crucial to comprehend and examine the various forms of the best air fryer under $100. If you want to purchase one for your home, understanding the various varieties will assist you to pick which air fryer is the right match for you and your wants and expectations.

Here are a few of the finest renowned air fryers, as well as their various types, functions, specifications, and other relevant details mentioned below which you can use with the best oil for air fryers.

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Types Of Air Fryer

1. Paddle Type Air Fryer

  • Air fryers with paddles can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • You can make grilled, fried, or roasted foods, as well as liquid meals like stews.
  • It’s easy to operate and takes very minimal or no oil.
  • It has a revolving paddle that spins the food to make sure it’s roasted properly.

2. Basket Type Air Fryer

  • These fryers facilitate the preparation of fries using the best oil spray for air fryers since they are softer on the coatings.
  • These air fryers are available with big and small food containers for preparing food with just a droplet of oil.
  • Hold a lengthier life duration.

3. Manual Type Air Fryer

  • A manual form of control is available on these air fryers.
  • They have timers and temperature adjustments that are controlled by a knob.

4. Digital Type Air Fryer

  • These air fryers contain all of the same functions and requirements as a normal air fryer, allowing you to make your preferred crunchy snacks.
  • You may digitally adjust the timing and temperature.
  • On the digital screen, you can see the countdown and other parameters.

5. High-capacity Air Fryer

  • These air fryers with large capacity feature baskets that can contain 5 to and over 12 quarts of foodstuff.
  • They are ideal for cooking bigger meals such as turkeys, chicken, and pizza.
  • They have 2 or 3 layers in their containers to maintain food products segregated while grilling.

The Benefits Of Using An Air fryer

Life is getting more chaotic and stressful in recent years. Learning to cook in the best air fryer under $100 is becoming fashionable. The nutritional benefits of Air Fryer food preparation will be nice to learn about. Some of the upsides will be discussed in this post.

  • Food nutrients should be preserved.
  • Defending against cancer.
  • Reduce Your Chances of Developing Heart Problems.
  • Maintaining your kidneys in good shape.
  • Increasing your calorie intake is not a great idea.

If You’re In A Rush, Purchase This Air Fryer For Under $100, Without Thinking So Much

You can choose this when you’re in a rush and require an air fryer:

Ultrean 4.2 Quart Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer Under $100

Cookbook On Air Fryer

Once you’ve found the best air fryer for under $100, it’s time to prepare food and try out some of the most delicious dishes that you can make with an air fryer.

However, if you’re undecided about which dish to prepare with this equipment, we’re here to assist. The following is a collection of a few of the best cookbooks to look into.

1. Air Fryer Cookbook: 600 Effortless Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users

Best Cookbook For Air Fryer: Best Air Fryer Under $100

2. Simple Air Fryer Cookbook with Pictures

Best Cookbook For Air Fryer: Best Air Fryer Under $100

Guide To Purchase The Best Air Fryer Under $100

1. Capacity

Based on how much food you would like to prepare food, the air fryer has various capacities. A 2-liter air fryer might be adequate for a household of 3-5 persons. An air fryer with a capacity of 3-6 liters may serve a home of 6-8 persons or more.

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To provide a bigger number of people at once, choose a bigger fry. There are even fryers with dual baskets that allow you to cook 2 distinct items at the same time.

2. Wattage

You must ensure that the wattage usage of your air fryer is supported by your kitchen connection. It’s essential that your kitchen plugs can handle the 800 to 1500 wattage that a common air fryer needs.

Whenever you add packaged stuff like frozen vegetables or chicken to the oil, the greater wattage an air fryer produces, the more heat it will produce and the faster this should re-heat the oil. Air fryers come in a variety of wattage ranges up to 1800 wattage and beyond.

3. Consumption Of Energy

An air fryer having 1500 watts of power can utilize approximately one unit of electricity each day. If you prepare food for 30 minutes in an air fryer, the greatest amount of power consumed each day will be 1⁄2 a unit. To meet domestic cooking requirements, use the Air Fryer for at least 15 minutes. 

The List Of Top 13 Budget-Friendly Best Air Fryer Under $100


There’s no necessity to turn on the furnace in your home. This Crownful Air Fryer is the best air fryer under $100 for frying any of your favorite foods without removing their natural flavors while maintaining a crunchy texture.

The fryer can cut approximately 80% of the fat contained in standard deep-fried foods, creating it an excellent air fryer for anybody looking for a healthy alternative.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • 7 cooking options along with a touch screen digital control interface.
  • Frying pan with 5-quart nonstick tray.
  • Automatic shutoff and overheat avoidance are two safety measures.
  • Temperatures range between 180 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A 60-minute stopwatch is included in the minimalist design.
  • Crownful provides a cookbook and one-year customer support.


  • With a simple and luxurious design, this cooking station saver is ideal for small kitchens.
  • Easy to operate and uncomplicated, providing rapid and delicious food.
  • Cleaning up is a simple task.


  • The sound level of the beeping is extremely loud.


This Dreo air fryer is a fantastic air fryer among 5 top-rated air fryers at an affordable price. It has a temperature spectrum of 100°F to 450°F, allowing you to cook anything from crunchy chicken to delightful cakes in only a few moments. This will be a perfect match if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

With a 4-quart cooking strength, the Dreo digital air fryer is ideal for both small and big households. It is slim and takes up little space in the kitchen to keep. It fits very beautifully with a tiny cooking area.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • Temperatures range from 100°F to 450°F.
  • Controlling the touch screen is simple.
  • It’s simple to operate and install.
  • Cooking performs in nine different lightweight and compact layouts.
  • It also arrives with a recipe guide prepared by professionals.


MILIN Air Fryer is designed to make your daily cooking duties easier and more enjoyable. This would not just make your life easier, however, it would also give individuality to your kitchen desk.

Best Air Fryer Under $100

This beautiful air fryer cooks tasty meals with less fat than traditional deep frying techniques. The intuitive LED-illuminated touch interface is simple to understand and operate. It includes a power switch in the middle, as well as buttons for timing and temperature. For your comfort, it contains 7 preset options for Pizza, Fish, French Fries, Cake, Shrimp, Drumstick, and Steak. Isn’t that incredible?

It’s easy to manage and operate with touch controllers that are dependent on LEDs. Its one-touch air frying, simmering, warming, and cooking technique leaves no mess.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • It can handle temperatures ranging from 180°F to 400°F.
  • Each evening, it includes 100 distinctive, scrumptious, and simple recipe ideas.
  • It contains seven one-touch configurations that should cover the majority of your culinary needs.
  • It contains removable and non-stick trays that can be washed in the dishwasher and are easy to cleanse with a damp cloth.


  • The configuration makes it easy to cook.
  • Very minimum oil is needed.
Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • Produces a lot of smoke and noise.


Do you wish to relax inside the kitchen while your meals simmer? Do you lead a very hectic life and hardly have time for cooking?

If this describes you, we have the best air fryer under $100 for you. The Amazon Basics 3.2 Quart Compact Multi-Functional Digital Air Fryer is designed for hardworking individuals like you and is created to make your life easier and more comfortable.

You don’t need to spend a full day in your kitchen. You may relish your favorite fried dishes while reducing your calorie intake by purchasing this best air fryer for large families.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • It’s a 1400-watt automated air fryer that promises to make your foods nutritious and more delicious.
  • It includes a 3-liter capacity with a removable, non-stick air cooking tray.
  • Its controlled timer and automatic shut-off functions ensure magnificent results and your protection.
  • It’s a simple device with a touchscreen LED display and seven cooking options.
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This Air Fryer not only cuts fat by up to 90%, but it additionally improves cooking much quicker – even for newbies. You can adjust the temperatures and time parameters on this best choice products air fryer in just a few clicks and receive delicious outcomes due to its 11 programmed options, recipe cookbook with 100 creative dishes, and easy-to-operate touchpad management screen. This will be a good option if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • Utilizing the one-key setup and a guidebook comprising 100 famous recipes, even inexperienced cooks can prepare bacon, sandwiches, pancakes, French fries, sausages, steak, chicken, and turkey with ease.
  • The Air Fryer cooks food by using hot air movement to minimize 90 percent of oil and cholesterol while maintaining the same crunchy texture without harmful effects.
  • The removable tray is coated with Teflon for easy cleaning by just placing it in the dishwasher.
  • 4-quart size, meant to serve a family of 2-5 persons, excellent for usage in an apartment or dormitory.


  • It has a simple mechanism, particularly for novices.
  • Very easy to cleanse.


  • It contains a small cable wire.


The Viliwin Hot Air Fryer consumes approximately 90% less oil than conventional deep frying pans while retaining the exact wonderful flavor. This product is suitable for you if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

This Digital Air Fryer Enables You to Sauté, Grill, Bake, and Roast with Minimal to Zero Oil, without worrying about all the additional fat in dishes. In an air fryer under $100, you can make delicious fried chicken, steak, pizza, French fries, and many more.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • 8 Preset Functions on a One-Touch Operational Interface.
  • The benefit of automatic power-off function.
  • Appropriate Volume of 4.5 QT.
  • Simple to wash and nontoxic components.


With less work than a traditional fryer and grilling pan, this compact cooking gadget delivers wonderful dishes. Each cooking lover will appreciate this scratch-free air fryer. You don’t have to be a specialist to handle one because it’s simple to operate.

Making regular dishes for yourself and your household is a pleasure with this best air fryer under $100 on amazon including an LCD screen, customizable timer, and temperature.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • Automatic quick air technology.
  • LED Interface.
  • Removable cooking tray.
  • Customizable timing and temperatures.
  • Sophisticated scratch-free design.


This ninja air fryer with multiple functions, ideal for barbecuing, roasting, grilling, and baking. With 80% reduced oil than standard fryers, you may experience your favorite crispy foods. This will be a good choice if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • 7 QT XL air fryer is sufficient to cook meals for 4-6 persons.
  • It has an automatic shut-off function and overheating protection.
  • 8 preset functions make this air fryer a unique option for the kitchen.


ALLCOOL air fryer is the best commercial air fryer with a multi-operational air frying oven that uses 360° quick air movement innovation, a strong heat mechanism, and fans to prepare chicken wings, cauliflower, and other vegetables without the use of oil. When compared to the conventional frying process, this automated air fryer uses less oil and burns more fat.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • It includes 360⁰ hot air heat movement technology.
  • It has efficient timer management.
  • This air fryer comes with a dishwasher-proof nonstick cooking tray.


This air fryer also acts as a dehydrator. It has 7 pre-set cooking methods so that your daily life will be easier and healthier. This will be a perfect match if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • At one moment, a 6 QT air fryer can cook for 5-8 persons. Ideal for baking, cooking, and grilling at home.
  • The hot air within the pot is quickly circulated for speedy heating because of the high-powered fan.
  • All types of cooking techniques are displayed at a quick glimpse on an advanced digital screen with a touch interface, making it simple to grasp.
  • After utilizing the Air Fryer, you won’t have to stress regarding oil residues. The nonstick coated tray is easily removed and cleaned.


The Ultrean 9-quart air fryer has the biggest air fryer size for those searching for a more economical and healthy way to prepare food. It also has a stylish and beautiful appearance that will go with any kitchen atmosphere or style.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • This Air Fryer uses a quick 360-degree air circulating system to make meals with little or no oil; it cooks your meal quickly and preserves your time so you can spend more time with your relatives or companions.
  • This 9 Qt Huge Size Air Fryer Is A Great Assistance For Cooking For Your Families And Guests. It Can Prepare An Entire 13-Pound Chicken For 8 Persons In One go.
  • A Free Recipe book With 50 Amazing Recipes For Beginners Is Provided.
  • 6 Presets Are Included In The Big Air Fryer For Precise Cooking Durations And Temperatures.
Best Air Fryer Under $100


The compact and simple to maintain design makes this air fryer appropriate for any kitchen as per air fryer review consumer reports. You don’t need to use any oil to make any food with this appliance and this feature is effective for any person who is struggling with heart disease.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • It has 8 preset cooking techniques.
  • It includes an automatic switch-off timer and a customizable temperature setting.
  • This 360⁰ air circulating big air fryer is optimum for any event.
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When you’re aware of wellness and wish to avoid fried food odours in your home, the modern Chefman Air Fryer 4.5 Quart is exactly what you require. You can experience great fried meals without cooking oil, and it’s the best air fryer with stainless steel basket for cooking a variety of cuisines for the entire family. This will be perfect for your kitchen if you are searching for the best air fryer under $100.

Best Air Fryer Under $100


  • The device is compact, however, it has a huge cooking capability.
  • Aside from touch operation, simple dial knob regulation is available.
  • When you have to stir your meal, there is an LED that informs you.


  • The air fryer is ideal for single parents and married people.
  • Very easy to operate and cooks food rapidly.
  • Don’t warm up the kitchen like a standard oven.


  • It could be louder than you imagined.
Best Air Fryer Under $100

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How To Maintain Or Clean An Air Fryer?

In the latest days, air fryers have exploded in prominence among domestic kitchens, and it’s simple to understand why. These little kitchen appliances allow it to serve a meal in a hurry.

Air fryers remove the moisture from foods by employing heated air with fine oil drops, efficiently eliminating the high-fat and high-calorie fats. Because air fryers utilize a tiny proportion of the oil than other kitchen techniques require, you’ll get lower-calorie items much faster with air fryers.

Due to these advantages, home chefs prefer to use an air fryer without Teflon more regularly than other devices, necessitating frequent cleaning. However, if people are cleansing it properly, it can be tricky.

Continue studying if you’ve already questioned how to cleanse an air fryer.

Explore the following suggestions in addition to thoroughly cleaning your air fryer:

1. Take Immediate Action To Clean Up The Mess:

Allowing oil and food fragments to linger in the air fryer longer or for several hours at a stretch makes them more difficult to clean up afterward, so engage yourself in the practice of clearing them up as soon as possible.

Even though you don’t need a thorough clean immediately, offer your air fryer a nice wash down after every usage to avoid oils from sticking. Additionally, remove any crumbs from the air fryer as soon as possible after usage. Another simple approach is to soak the air fryer tray in hot soapy water straight after usage.

2. Remove Any Remaining Scents:

The wonderful aromas that surround your home while you’re preparing food might help to develop enthusiasm and enjoyment for your meals. The lingering scents, on the other hand, are stinking when the food is completed.

Wash your tray in hot soapy water to avoid lingering odors. Split a lemon into 2 pieces, spread it on the tray, and allow it to remain for 30 to 45 minutes before cleaning your equipment. You might also try a gentle vinegar mixture to get rid of the odors.

3. Make Sure Your Basket Is Lined:

Lining your cooking tray will help to restrict the amount of debris that is left around after you’ve finished preparing food. Check if you can find a dishwasher-safe, conveniently detachable basket attachment.

This will reduce the quantity of how often you have to thoroughly cleanse the best air fryer under $100. Whenever you can’t locate any of these types of attachments, utilize a parchment sheet or tin foil generously in its place.

Keep in mind the pores in the basket aren’t covered, as this enables air to circulate and prepares the food completely. Ensure to just place tin foil or parchment sheet in the tray, not somewhere else.

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Common Questions

1. How safe is the Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a much more viable option than a deep frying system. You must know the techniques and guidelines before using them.

2. Are these Air Fryers durable?

Air fryers can function well from 1year to 3years. And it totally relies on the model you will purchase.

3. What kind of recipes can I try on this Air Fryer?

You can prepare any fried items by using an air fryer. Frozen products will also be cooked by an air fryer.


If you are looking for the best air fryer under $100, this article may have provided you with a few of the best options. The appliances described above can not simply air fry, but also do a variety of other tasks. All you have to do now is select the product that best fits your finances and purchase it!

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