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12 Best Sparkling Water Makers Available In The Market- Make Soda Water At Home!

Are you looking for the best sparkling water maker for making your own sparkling water or sodas at home? If you have landed at this blog, there are fair chances that you too are looking for the convenience of having sparkling water any time you want.

I mean come on who wouldn’t love the services of the best sparkling water maker after a long and tiring day? Such a cold and fizzy drink has the potential of reviving your energy just in one go!

However, no matter how much one enjoys such refreshing drinks, no one prefers to buy them every time. But that is exactly why you have this blog! We have assembled some of the best sparkling water makers available in the market just for you! All you need to do is go through it and decide which one suits your need.

What Is A Sparkling Water Maker?

If you want to make sparkling water at home, a sparkling water maker is all you need. These devices are home appliances designed to convert your regular tap water into a carbonated drink.

These commercial sparkling water machines are quickly catching up with the market’s popularity. It is one of the ideal go-to drink makers that will allow you a refreshing drink every time!

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Everything You Need To Know To Make Sure That You Purchase The Best Quality Sparkling Water Maker

The moment you start your search for the best soda makers you should know what exactly to look for.

If you are unsure about what features you should look for, you would have trouble pointing out the one you need. Thus, browse through this buyer-friendly guide we made just to ensure that you look for these features while searching for the best sparkling water maker.

Ensuring the pre-set carbonation level you need is a must. Thereafter, look for these features:

Ease Of Installation Of The Bottle:

The installation of the bottle should be a painless and quick process. Some models demand you to screw the bottle in which can be a little tricky if the bottle is full.

Some bottles need you to hold the carbonation head at some angle and then screw the bottle with one hand. Thus, you should set your preferences and buy the one that suits you.

Operation Light:

Usually, automatic bottles come with operation lights.

Ease Of Installation Or Removal Of The Canister:

Nobody would want to have trouble during the screwing and unscrewing of the canister. Thus, you should go for a simple and quick one that does not require too much of your time and effort.

Drip Trays:

The models with drip trays usually come with an added advantage. If you mistakenly over carbonate your drink, and water spills, then these trays are handy.


There is a wide range of available designs for these machines. Thus, you need to get the one that suits your vibe.

The Expiry Date Of The Bottles:

Some drinking bottles do have an expiry date. Thus, you need to make sure that you checked the date before getting your bottles.


The size is completely dependent on your preferences. Get the one that perfectly fits on your bench.

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Guide To Operating A Sparkling Water Maker

If you have brought the best sparkling water maker on the market but are worried about how to operate it, think no more because we got you! Our detailed step-by-step guide will help you make easy sparkling water recipes just at your convenience.

1) Start With Assembling The Parts –

All you need to do first is to associate your carbonating cylinder, a bottle, and the other parts. Next, you need to take your cylinder and unscrew the cap. Now, open the back panel of the maker, and insert your cylinder inside. Tighten fully and finally replace the back panel.

2) Fill In And Insert Your Bottle –

In this step, you need your fill your bottle with water up to the indicator line. Then move the handle outwards and further push the bottle up and in. Make sure that your bottle locks in place.

3) Make Your Drink –

Once you have firmly inserted the bottle, you are ready to push the button! Press it on and hold it for 2 seconds at least. Repeat the process 5-8 times for the perfect carbonation as per your choice. The more you repeat the process, the more carbonated your drink becomes!

4) Remove And Enjoy

Once you are done, it’s time to enjoy your ice sparkling water! Carefully hold your bottle and move it outwards to remove it. Add a few drops of fruit essence or other flavoring agents to enjoy tasty ice sparkling water flavors.

Note: Try keeping a spare cylinder handy always!

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12 Best Sparkling Water Maker In 2023 With Review

1) Spärkel Beverage System (Seafoam) – Sparkling Water and Soda Maker:

If you are looking for a cheap sparkling water machine with some of the best features, this has to be one of your favorites. This Spärkel Beverage System is definitely one of the best sparkling water makers because it is easy to clean and use. You can use fresh and natural ingredients, and you don’t even need a CO2 tank. Thus, in case you wanted a soda maker without co2, get this now!


  • Come with new and improved features that allow you 33% faster services.
  • The “Max” carbonation levels are designed to give you hard sparkling water.
  • The improved bottle seals ensure that the seals don’t fall out of place.


  • Easily cleaned.
  • Allows great flavor variety.
  • Can be used easily.
  • Giftable.
  • Worth the price.


  • Outlet and voltage may vary as per your destination.

2) Twenty39 Qarbo Sparkling Water Maker And Soda Streaming Carbonator Machine:

This Twenty39 Qarbo machine allows you to infuse flavors while you prepare your carbonating beverages at home, and that too with no loss of fizz! Its two-stage release pressure valve is designed for this exact purpose. This is undoubtedly one of the best-carbonated water makers that allow you to carbonate wine, beer, or your favorite fruit and syrups in the bottle.


  • It allows you to infuse fresh fruit flavors.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Uses standard CO2 cartridges.
  • Also comes with a free recipe book.


  • Easily infuses flavors.
  • Can be used easily.
  • Can be used as a gift.
  • Worth the expense.


  • The cartridges are not included.

3) SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker:

In case you’re wondering which SodaStream to buy, give this a try! You can easily operate this because it comes with an automatic mode. This Sodastream Terra sparkling water maker allows you to fresh sparkling water just with the push of a button!


  • It is energy efficient.
  • Powered by a CO2 cylinder.
  • The bottle comes with a snap-lock insertion feature that helps in the quick setting.
  • It is compatible with all SodaStream flavors and bottles.
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  • Comes with its own DWS bottle and a Bubly drop.
  • The flavors offered are very varied.
  • Very easy to use.

4) Philips Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker & Streaming Machine With 1L Carbonating Bottle:

If you need the best soda water maker, this Philips sparkling water maker model should definitely be on your top list. This easy-to-use machine allows you to enjoy sparkling soda water at home just with the touch of a button. You can even customize the carbonation levels based on your preference. Its slim and stylish design is best suited for your fancy kitchen counter!


  • Comes with a free bottle and cup.
  • Is compatible with any standard screw-in 60L Exchange carbonator.
  • Environment-friendly.


  • Easily prepares carbonated drinks in just three steps.
  • Can be cleaned easily.

5) SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine:

This SodaStream Aqua Fizz power sparkling water machine has been designed to be the most premium machine in the world. It allows you to craft and serve fresh sparkling water in an elegant and stylish glass carafe that will be the star of any dining table it sets in. These carafes are even dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.


  • Comes with a CO2 cylinder and two glass carafes.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Each cylinder can carbonate up to 60L of water.


  • Carbonates only in elegant glass carafes.

6) Philips Sparkling Seltzer Fizzy Water Maker:

If you are searching for the best sparkling water maker, this Philips seltzer fizzy water maker is undoubtedly one of the best ones. This allows you to make fizzy water at ease and is compatible with any screw-in CO2 carbonator.


  • Comes along with free bottles and a cup.
  • Designed for durability.
  • The bottle is sealed airtight to keep the water fizzy for longer.
  • Environment-friendly.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Easily operated.
  • Compatible with any screw in the carbonator.


  • The CO2 carbonator is not included.

7) Aarke – Carbonator III Premium Carbonator/Sparkling & Seltzer Water Maker:

This sparkling water maker features a compact design that specializes in its user-friendly engineering. Aarke – Carbonator III is also available in various designs based on your preferences.


  • Its design is quality centric.
  • Assures refreshing carbonated water along with refreshing flavors.
  • Includes nontoxic water bottle, drip tray, and dry cloth.


  • User-friendly model.
  • Elegant and compact design.
  • Top-rated sheerness.
  • Easy to use.


  • The CO2 carbonator is not included.

8) SNLIDE Soda Maker, Soda Water Machine with 1L BPA Free Pet Bottle:

In case you are looking for a portable water bottle carbonator, this has to be among your top choices. This SNLIDE soda maker is ideal for you to keep anywhere at home, study room, or even in the gym! Its high quality simple and stylish appearance just acts like a cherry on top!


  • Allows you to create several mouth-watering recipes.
  • Simple and stylish design.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty service.

9) Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker And Soda Streaming Carbonator Machine:

This unique Twenty39 Qarbo sparkling water maker is designed with an Air-Charge two-stage release pressure valve that allows an easy infusion of flavors without loss of fizz. It even comes with a free recipe book!


  • Easy infusion of fruit flavors.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Uses standard CO2 cartridges only.


  • Free recipe book.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • CO2 cartridges are not included.

10) Aarke – Carbonator III Premium Carbonator – Sparkling & Seltzer Water Soda Maker:

This Aaarke – Carbonator III model is undoubtedly one of the best water carbonators in the market. Its compact design along with its user-friendly engineering is even available in a range of classic finishes that will surely elevate your countertop.


  • Quality-centric design.
  • Adds refreshing flavors easily.
  • Newest model.
  • Comes with a water bottle, drip tray, and dry cloth.
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11) SodaStream Fizzi One Touch, Sparkling Water Maker:

This SodaStream Fizzi One Touch machine allows you to make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button! This carbonates only in elegant glass carafes. It has (2) 60L Co2 cylinders, (3) 1-liter carbonating bottles, and (2) 40 ml bubbly drops flavors.


  • Comes with a CO2 cylinder.
  • Energy efficient.
  • One Touch sparkling water maker.
  • Also includes 2 glass carafes.
  • Each cylinder can carbonate up to 60L of water.


  • Very sturdy.
  • Worth the expense.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Outlet and voltage might vary as per your location.

12) SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker Bundle With CO2:

This SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker has to be one of the best SodaStream machines that you come across at such a reasonable price. Its advanced features ensure you quick and safe use every time you crave soda!


  • Comes with DW2 bottles and Bubly drop flavors.
  • Snap-lock bottle insertion allows quick carbonation.
  • Comes with CO2 cylinders.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Giftable.
  • Easily cleaned.


  • Machines are only compatible with SodaStream Quick connect CO2 cylinder.

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Checkout The Best Reusable SodaStream Carbonating Bottles For Serving Favorite Home-Made Fizzy Drinks

If your machine does not come with a bottle, here are a few links to check out the best compatible bottles for your sparkling water maker:

A) SodaStream Dishwasher Safe 1L Classic DWS Carbonating Bottle –

Its hermetically sealed caps retain carbonation much longer. It is BPA-free and can last for at least two years! It is compatible with Fizzi, Source, and Jet SodaStream machines.

B) Philips Carbonating Bottles, 1L Twin Pack Reusable PET Sparkling Water Bottles –

These are perfectly suited for family use to store soda water. It is designed to keep your drinks fresh for much longer. These should only be hand-washed as they are not dishwasher-safe.

C) URS Plus PET Bottle Premium Drinking Bottle –

If you want to prepare bulk sparkling water, consider getting this bottle. Its high-quality materials and advanced design make the bottle airtight and thus protect the carbonation well.

D) Sodastream Source 2 Pack Original White Carbonating Reusable Water Bottles –

These bottles are only compatible with Play, Source, Power, Spirit, and Fizzi soda makers. These are very easy to use and durable. Thus, they are perfectly suited for traveling.

E) SodaStream Carbonating Carafe –

This model is dishwasher safe and is designed to keep the water fresh for a long time. It is compatible with only Aqua Fizz, Crystal, and Penguin sparkling water makers.

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Common Questions

1. Does sparkling water expire?

The most common query regarding sparkling water is that “does sparkling water expire?” Well, once open, sparkling water can stay fresh for as long as three days if it is properly resealed and stored in the refrigerator.

2. Is ice sparkling water healthy?

If you are wondering if ice sparkling water is healthy for you, then to answer in brief it is not very healthy. There is no evidence to date that it is bad for your health, but drinking it on a daily basis can harm your body especially if you suffer from stomach ulcers or bowel disorders.

3. Is a sparkling soda maker worth it?

If you are a seltzer lover or a frequent seltzer buyer, then a sparkling soda maker is very essential for you.

4. What are the disadvantages of sparkling water?

Excessive use of anything is bad. If you are taking sparkling water in excess or on a regular basis, it may initiate tooth decay and may cause gas and bloating.

5. Is it cheaper to prepare your own sparkling water at home?

Yes, off-course. The soda maker is cheaper than buying bottled sparkling water.

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Final Words

If you were searching for the best sparkling water maker, this article must have helped you a lot.

It has listed some of the best sparkling water makers that would suit your needs. Thus, all you need to do is go through the lines and get your preferences set!

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