Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne

Explore 10 Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne: The Ultimate Melbourne Food Guide

Over the past few decades, street food has grown into an art form that competes with the food served in fine dining restaurants. Street food trucks, stalls, and stands offer locals, tourists, and foodies a plethora of food options without compromising the quality or taste.

There are stalls selling amazing organic food, and local produce and pop-up restaurants serving food prepared by the best chefs Melbourne has to offer. In Melbourne, no trip would be complete without grabbing a bite there.

So fasten your seat belts, broaden your palate and get ready to browse through the best street food markets in Melbourne. At these Melbourne street food markets, you will experience social dining elevating to a whole new level.

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  Cheap & Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne

1) Queen Victoria Market(QVM) – Melbourne’s Iconic Market:

This food market is 140 years old and is the biggest open-air evening market in the Southern Atmosphere. Queen Victoria Market (QVM) is located in the middle of the city.

There are 600+ businesses selling everything from local cuisines, traditional food, fruits, dairy product, a large variety of fish and meat bowls, and the freshest vegetables to local and imported gourmet foods and even clothing and souvenirs.

This market is equipped with solar panels in 2003. You can buy items online and the QVM market will deliver shopping items to your doorstep.

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A. Queen Victoria Market – Summer Market:

Winter night markets are held every Wednesday at the market, and there are always activities going on. The timing of Winter Night Market is from 5 PM to 10 PM from 1st June to 31st August every year.

Queen Victoria Summer Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.
  • Shops Market Lane Coffee, Polska, Sreelankan Street Food Shop, American Doughnut Kitchen Food Truck, Bratwurst Shop & Co., Dairy Produce Hall, Queen Vic Sweets, Porchetta, Cantan Malay Cuisine, Dumps, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Jam doughnuts(5 for $6), Cheese & toasties, Asian platters, Lassi (Yogurt drink with nuts), Pastries, Seafood dishes, Ice latte, Coffee, Rice platter (Combo of vegetables, lamb, and rice), Chicken and lamb dishes, etc.
NOTE – The Queen Victoria market community also offers 2 hours walking foodie tour which includes a shopping and café voucher, and a $5 market voucher. This tour runs at 10 AM on Friday and Saturday.

B. Victoria Market – Summer Night Market:

Every Wednesday between the end of November to the end of March, this market is home to The Night Market. After spending a day in the heat in Melbourne, this market is an amazing option to enjoy Wednesday night. There are 60 global street food stalls, more than 100 specialty shopping stalls, music events, and festival bars.

It offers a fusion of global street food, bars, local cuisines, and even artisan shopping. You can have multi-cultural cuisines like Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, etc. while enjoying the lively ambiance of entertainment and music.

Queen Victoria Night Market(QVM): Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.
  • Shops Global Food Stalls, An Artisan Flea Market, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Seafood items, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Chinese food items, etc.
Tips- If you don’t know where to eat from see where the majority of locals are going. You can explore gradually.

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2) Thornbury – Best Food Trucks:

This food market is a drive-in food truck park and has the best food trucks that are open all weekend. Burger, pizza, ramen, cheese steaks you name it. Not just that, there are nice spots to enjoy chilled beer too.

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If you’re looking for a night market atmosphere and chilled beer spot, this market has got that too. Here you will find a multicultural variety of foods and even good quality fresh produce. With so many great options, scan through the food trucks here and try out as many.

Thornbury Food Truck Bar: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 520 High St. Northcote Victoria 3070 Australia.
  • Shops – Bont Urban Home Bread, Burritos, Old Brenin Distillery, Bow Brook Farm, Mr. Burger, Satay Truck, Brazilian Street Food Truck, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Burger, Churrascaria, Pastries, Bread, Pasta, Pizzas, Chilled beer, Seafood items, etc.
Tips- Initially buy food in smaller quantities. Eat yogurt and bananas if you’re not very tolerant of spicy food.

3) South Melbourne Market – The Oldest Market:

This market was set up around 1867 and has been growing since then. It is more like the oldest village market with high popularity among locals, visitors, and tourists alike. This market sells almost everything you would expect to eat and enjoy when in Australia.

Take a break from shopping, have a meal at one of the corner bistros here, and spend the day perusing the stalls and food shops at this trading market that has survived for 150+ years.

South Melbourne Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Coventry St & Cecil Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia.
  • Shops Agathé Pâtisserie, Clement, Canteen, Aptus Seafood, Hector’s Deli, The Fresh Pasta Shop, Donut’s Jam Food Truck, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Pandan croissant ($8), Rhubarb turnover ($7), Custard flan, Batch brew, Bacon cup ($6.60), Salmon Sashimi ($19.99), Scallops ($1.99), Beef & Pickles ($16.50), Donuts, etc.

4) Yarraville Village Farmers Market:

Yarraville Village Farmers Market is a ‘not so big’ market but you can easily find things like fruits, vegetables, bread, and groceries there. The business owners facilitate the availability of these fresh from the farmers.

When it comes to filling your fridge and pantry with healthy food, this market is a go-to place. It also features kid-friendly activities and a pet area. You can find the best snacks and coffee in this market.

Every year, Yarraville Street Food Festival has been going on since 1981. The main attraction of this food festival is – food trucks, different food stalls with world cuisine, live music, market stalls, and amusement rides.

Yarraville Village Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 48 Fehon St, Yarraville VIC 3013, Australia.
  • Shops Hellenic, Halal Meats, Footscray Market, Ocean Seafood shop, Dai Quang Poultry Daily, Thai Hui, Gold Star Fish Daily, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Burgers, Pastries, Seafood items, Fruit Juice, etc.

5) Prahran Market – Amazing Food Items:

Cheese, fruits, vegetables, seafood, you name it. Here you will find a wide range of high-quality produce, delicious confectionery, breakfast ingredients, and good meat. Compared to other markets, the Prahran market is relatively small.

However, it takes pride in the quality of the items it sells, and proudly calls itself the market for food lovers. The atmosphere here is quite vibrant and welcoming. The vendors and shop owners are friendly too. You are sure to have a great time here.

This market is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7 AM – 5 PM and Sunday between 10 AM – 3 PM. Prahran market is closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Prahran Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia.
  • Shops D & J Poultry, Kelvin’s Farm Fresh Poultry, Arthur’s Quality Poultry, Jasper Coffee, Prahran Seafoods, Periwinkle Fine Seafood, Q Le Baker, Farini, Oltre, Dragon Sushi, Rivergum Grill, Mr. Bratwurst, Ann’s Fish And Chips, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Sushi, Grilled skewers, Grilled meats, Charcoal bbq, Grilled cheese, Grilled seafood, Grilled chicken, Streaky bacon, Marinated tofu, Field mushrooms, Pork sausage, Vegetarian options, Kransky, Bratwurst, German sausage, Kaban, Sumibi-yaki, Twice cooked pork belly bun, Pasta, Panini, Sweet treats Espresso coffee, Goat Labneh+Olives Cheese, etc.
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NOTE – You will get vegetarian food items, vegan dishes, and gluten-free foods everywhere in Melbourne.

6) Hank Marvin Market:

The market is hosted by Alma Park every Saturday. While browsing here, you will find a variety of food trucks, grocery stalls, and other goodies. Interestingly, the food stalls and trucks change every week. This offers frequent visitors a plethora of choices to try and enjoy.

Overall the atmosphere here is fun and relaxing atmosphere of the park with a great setting and a large area for children and dogs to rest.

Hank Marvin Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Alma Park East, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia.
  • Shops Sicilian Street Food, Savory Tooth, Ballou, Balo Rock Wine, Raw Eatables, Kraken Squid, Gorilla Grill, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Asian food items, Momos, Vegetarian food items, Seafood items, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Chinese food items, etc.

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7) Little Collins Street:

Little Collins Street is a minor street in the central business district (CBD) of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This food market is situated near some of the city’s great dining destinations.

Every corner of this market is filled with food joints, bars, restaurants, and cafes that serve amazing cuisines and are inspired by cultures across the globe.

You can find modern and traditional Australian cuisine, authentic Thai street-style local food, Italian food, Asian fusion, Mexican, etc. This narrow one-way lane has many roadside cozy street foods counter. There is something for everyone.

Little Collins Street: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 27 Little Collins St Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia.
  • Shops Roadside cozy counters for various local street foods.
  • Available Street Foods – Asian food items, Vegetarian food items, Crepes, Pizza, Burgers Pasta, etc.

A.  La Petite Crêperie – The Crêpe Shop In Collins Street:

This street food is located in the Melbourne CBD. It is a tiny place where they are preparing and selling crepes with a variety of flavors.

The starting range of crepe is only $4.5 and the price will be increased depending on add-on flavors and items like sugar, maple syrup, Nutella, chocolates, etc. I personally liked the Butter crepe with caramel.

La Petite Crêperie: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD.
  • Available Food Items – Plain crepe, Cinnamon crepe, Butter crepe, Chocolate crepe, Maple Syrup crepe, Caramel crepe, etc.

B. Nam Loong:

It is a Chinese store in Melbourne. The shop is located on Russell Street. They also offer order takeaway and delivery options. Bun, Soup, Momos, Thupka, Noodles, Chicken, and Pork dishes are the main attraction here.

If you are visiting this place please try their large variety of buns (mushroom, pork, sesame chicken, sausage). Golden Sand bun is one of my favorites.

Another one is the Jumbo combination bun. Here in this Jumbo combination, you will be able to see the egg, chicken, pork everything in it. You can also try the Black sesame bun and sweet bun or Golden sand bun.

Nam Loong: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 223 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.
  • Available Foods – Black sesame bun, Golden sand bun, Jumbo combination bun, Roast pork bun, Egg custard bun, Dim sim, Dumplings, Soup, Beef basket, Doughnut, Congee, Ice soya bean milk, etc.

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8) The Food Truck Park:

As the name screams, this food market is a place where food trucks serve a huge variety of food for all flavors, tastes, diets, and ages. The vibrant food trucks are not just another up-average street fare with modern and decorated settings or a college fest or event.

This food place is in an outstanding setting with delicious food and a great vibe. This market is organized and managed by the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group (AMFVG). There’s no better place for foodies than to be a part of this food truck movement.

The Food Truck Park: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – 518 High St, Preston VIC 3072, Australia.
  • Shops Big Cook, Greek Street Food, Cheese & Bread, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Different food items loaded with cheese, Bread, Pastries, Coffee, Beverages, Pizzas, etc.
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Tips – Busy food trucks reflect popularity. Long queues might be discouraging but it ensures that the food is never sitting out for hours.

9) Night Noodle Market:

Hosted in November annually, the Night Noodle Market is an event on a big scale that allows you to indulge and experience good food and drinks while enjoying an amazing night out in the springtime. It is a noise-free lovely place far away from CBD city life with a nice view.

Here, you can choose from a huge selection of food and beverages by vendors (Citibank & CitiGroup) Visiting the Night Noodle Market and not having any noodles just makes no sense. Do try them too. Overall, the vibrant atmosphere is filled with music and fun. The approximate timing of this festival is 10th – 27th November every year.

Night Noodle Market: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Birrarung Marr, Melbourne.
  • Shops Big Cook, Greek Street Food, Cheese & Bread, Gelato Messina, etc.
  • Available Street Foods – Meat, Seafood, Eggs, Spices, Fresh Oysters, Dairy items, Spicy Bao Burgers, Deep fried Milo Gelato, Mochi-Doughnut, Yakisoba(fried noodles), etc.
SPECIAL NOTE – I personally have not had a good experience in the Birrarung night noodle market. The food prices are too expensive; the serving quantity is very less compared to food prices. I will recommend the Queen Victoria noodle market rather than the Birrarung noodle market.

10) Heartbaker Bun Mee:

At Heart baker Bun Mee you will find authentic Vietnamese food and a vibe. They serve fresh traditional street-style food. In fact, the entire menu there is based on family recipes from rice paper rolls, broth, and noodles dishes to salads.

This place is also famous for various pork dishes. Be sure to enjoy the authentic taste. Do not leave without trying out their broth.

Heartbaker Bun Mee: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne
  • Location – Heartbaker Bun Mee, 3/241 Flinders Ln, Melbourne 3000.
  • Available Street Foods – Vietnamese pork rolls, Crispy pork, Grilled chicken, Pickled carrots, Vegan options, Vietnamese mint, Tofu Bahn mi, etc.

Melbourne And Its Amazing Street Food

* Tagliolini Al Nero –

It is a combination of steak pasta and rabbit served with spaghetti with intense color. This dark black color is from squid ink which is used in the sauce to completely coat the spaghetti. The sauces and spices in the dish just elevate your mood with each bite.

Tagliolini Al Nero: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne

* Lamb With Cucumber Yogurt Sauce –

It is a delicious lamb marinated in spices and yogurt then cooked and then cooked in a frying pan, served with Lebanese bread and cucumber, onion, coriander, and lime juice dressing.

This dish is served by the stalls during the late evening as visitors have their evening meal from restaurants and stalls.

* Baller Bucket –

Visiting Melbourne and not trying out these hot and spicy chickens is a big NO-NO. The flavors and aroma will make you want to have MORE.

* Tiramisu –

Popular coffee-flavored dessert layered with a whipped mixture of sugar, mascarpone cheese, eggs, and lots of whipped cream. The deconstructed tiramisu will win your heart.

Tiramisu: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne

* Turmeric Pancakes –

Filled with the goodness of turmeric and lemon, the popular dish is made with quinoa flour. Since it is gluten-free, it comes with health benefits too.

* Lasagne –

This piping-hot cheesy goodness offers layers of pasta, meat, and scrumptious sauce. You can find it almost everywhere in Melbourne.

Lasagne: Best Street Food Markets In Melbourne

* Dumplings –

In Melbourne, you will find world-class dumplings with stuffings like Pork and chives, black fungus dumplings, Fish Mackerel dumplings, etc. Definitely, a CAN’T-MISS.

Common Questions

1. Are there any quick food options available for vegans in Melbourne?

Yes, there are plenty of options like veg burgers, veg pizzas, fairy bread, veggie pies and so much more.

2. What is the most pocket-friendly grilled street food in Melbourne?

Barbequed Snags are a loved snack and affordable. It is available at almost all the street vendors there.

3. What is the best time to visit Melbourne, Australia for a foodie?

The best time would be spring. That is when several street food events take place and annual street food markets are set up.

Before You Book Your Tickets For Melbourne, Here’s A Little Sum Up…

The street food you can eat in cities can provide you with a taste of the local specialties that will leave you hungry for more. Similarly, the food on offer in Melbourne will leave you feeling content.

Food on the streets of the city is both delicious and native enough to satisfy your hunger and desire to sample something different. These street food markets will not only satisfy your cravings, but you will also experience the city’s rich history.

Visit these the best street food markets in Melbourne on your next trip to quench your craving for authentic cuisine. Melbourne certainly has some fantastic street food options that are sure to satisfy all tastes.

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